Mecanismos de Participaci├│n Ciudadana

Ciudadano Contigo makes it easier for marginalized communities to access the programs designed to help them by consolidating and sharing information about government services. The website allows citizens to find information about these services in two ways. They can filter programs by selecting the type of support they need (e.g. health services, employment and entrepreneurship, or gender equality) or by user group profiles the program hopes to target (e.g. people with disabilities, people seeking employment, or pregnant women and mothers).

The winning website, Ciudadano Contigo, provides first-ever online access to local government welfare programs and eligibility information for Mexican citizens.


In poor and marginalized communities around the developing world, many citizens must engage with informal, partisan brokers if they want to access ostensibly universal government services and social programs. These brokers frequently regulate the flow of government goods in their communities and provide access in exchange for costly political support. A large percentage of local budgets in Mexico is destined to countless highly discretionary social and rural assistance programs with broad and mostly flexible eligibility criteria.

The website is especially designed to accommodate users with lower technology literacy and was tested in a field experiment in 2016. The website and the project more broadly aims to reduce the dependence of vulnerable citizens on non-state political actors for information


Mapping the citizen mechanisms for public participation at Mexico States.

Our design challenge was to create an easy to understand iconographic system that could represent the different user profiles of people that need to access to the different public services. We use linear flat style to generate our icon system with the minimun elements for an easy lecture.


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